The Who and Why of Jessica Delgado

I’m Jessica Delgado a teacher, surfer, nature lover, mother of two and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I would eat sushi for every meal if I could and would spend all my days outside if the weather permitted.

I chose the profession of teaching mathematics for many reasons but the biggest one is helping people. I also believe everyone one is capable of more than they think. I believe my talent is seeing everyone’s potential. When I look at my students I see what they are and what they could be. Teaching is such a dynamic and challenging profession and I enjoy the challenge of how to teach over a hundred students at the same time the same thing. Even though there are so many different people in my class how can I reach every single one of them and have them achieve their best?

As a person I have personality style ENTP and learning style that is more active than anything else. These traits help me with my teaching because I also create an active environment for my students. We are always doing and hopefully having fun. I believe learning should be active and not passive so part of the fun of teaching is creating activities that teach as well as engage.

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