6 Assessment Ideas That Are So Fun Your Students Will Actually Want To Do Them

“Ugh I hate test day!” This is the response most students either say out loud or if they are polite, in their head. So, is there another way for students to demonstrate what they know that’s not a multiple choice or short answer test? As a student these forms of assessment are not engaging and almost 90% of students when they hear the word test groan or become paralyzed with fear. Good news! Boring tests are not the only way to demonstrate content knowledge! Here are 6 different assessment types that have been proven to work, are student centered and way more fun for everyone involved than a traditional test.

Create a Music Video

With most students carrying a video recorder in their pocket that can transmit straight to YouTube creating a music video is easier than ever. Lay out a rubric of points that must be covered by the video as well as length. Creating videos will help build social skills if done in groups, media skills, and is just fun. You will be surprised what your students are capable of creating. Here’s an example:

Create a Podcast

With a voice recorder being standard on almost every phone and free podcasting apps it’s easier than ever to create and upload a podcast. Students can conduct interviews or be their own panel of experts. Lay out a rubric of what content pieces must be covered in the podcast and let your students creative juices do the rest. Click this link to learn more about how to produce a podcast. Here’s an example of a student podcast.

Create an infographic

This type of assessment will win over your art students immediately. Creating info graphics focus on real world skills like media creation. Not only will the students have fun and get their art on but they will also be cultivating future skills. Here is an example of a student created info graphic. Students can create then the entire class can do a gallery walk to gleam at other groups or individuals creativity.

Student Designed Infographics: Process & Products |

Create a Diagram and Content Map

Creating content maps demonstrate how all information is linked together. In order to create one of these a person must be knowledgeable about all areas of a surrounding content piece. This form of assessment is arts based and helps student connect the dots (literally) to all concepts involved in a particular standard. Click this link to learn how to create content maps. Here’s an example:

Concept Maps | Classroom Strategies | Reading Rockets

Create a Living Museum

This is one of my favorite forms of assessment because it’s so fun for everyone. Give each student or group of students the content area to be assessed on, in this case students must chose different topics. The students then present the topics dressed as, spoken like and in the same time period of the topic. For example this student below had Amelia Earhart so is “living” the content. As you can imagine in order to do this you need to know EVERYTHING about your topic.

Living Museum project. Our daughter and her information board on ...
Looking alive and well Amelia

Create a Fake Conversation

Creating a fake text conversation is way more fun than writing an essay. Yes of course writing has its place and I’m not suggesting to get rid of it. I’m just offering a fun alternative to be used in supplement. Have students create conversations between two literary characters, historical figures or any two entities within your content. Click here to see how to create a fake text conversation. Here’s an example

Make Your Lessons Memorable with the Texting Story App | The ...

There you have it! Six different ways to assess your students without using multiple choice or short answer tests. All these assessment types are fun for students and will be just as must fun for you the teacher. When is the last time you ENJOYED grading? You now have the ideas to start planning awesome assessments. Now go out and be the awesome educator you are!

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