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The Distance Learning Equipment Checklist For Teachers

This year spending your classroom budget may look a little different. In past years we would spend our budget on classroom decorations or supplies. This year however we may be broadcasting class from our living rooms and need something different than the usual pocket charts or bulletin boards.

Here is a list of equipment to spend your teacher budget on this year to accommodate distance learning and make your new digital life as easy as possible. Your students will be amazed at how tech savy you’ve become.

1. Screen-cast-o-matic

This is the best free screen recorder I’ve found. You can record 15 minutes for free and it will automatically push your videos to youtube or you can save them and push them to google classroom yourself.

Just launch free recorder and go!

2. Wacom Writing Tablet

There are other writing tablets out there for cheaper however this is the best. If you think about how much you will be using it, it’s worth the investment. I’ve had mine for years now and it still works perfectly. If you have a touch screen you will not need one of these. If you are using your district laptop, this will save you so many headaches especially if you teach math.

Annotate anything anywhere!

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

My suggestions is bose noise cancelling headphones. I have two children and these are worth their weight in gold. They also block out ambient noise during my zoom lessons and audio quality just can’t be beat. Yes they are Bose so they are expensive. You can find cheaper alternatives but you will be giving up some quality.

Cancel all the noise and gain some peace

4. A Ring Light

A ring light makes your face look like it was blessed by Hollywood no matter what room of your house you’re in. Since your face will be all the students see of you it’s the only way you can communicate non-verbally. Your face matters so light it up!

Look like your skin is a gift from god

5. A Tripod

If you are recording lessons and lucky enough to have a whiteboard in your house or recording from your classroom a tripod will hold your phone or camera steady while you educate the masses. This tripod also has a remote to start and stop recording as well as a mount for a Bluetooth microphone.

Hold steady for my close up please

6. A Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone

To go with the tripod and to make your recorded lessons you need a microphone. Without this your students will complain about audio quality. Make your videos look and sound professional. My students compliment me on my audio quality and they can’t figure out why I always sound so clear even when I’m far away from the camera.

Can you hear my now?

These six items will get you started then be creative! Turn your house into a classroom, take it outside or create a studio in your classroom. We are educators and we strive at being adaptable. Show your students nothing will stop you when it comes to their learning. This is a different style of teaching and different times call for different equipment. I personally own all the things on this list and I can’t recommend them enough.

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