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7 Of The Best Memes For Teachers Who Love Coffee

More coffee? In teacher language this is equivalent to “I love you.” We drink water mostly because we have to or we’d die but right behind that is coffee and then probably wine. Some of us may have that order reversed.

Here are the 7 best memes about teachers who may drink more coffee than water.

We can sleep when we’re dead, or when the caffeine wears off.

In theory we should be getting 8 hours of sleep a night. This theory is for regular humans.

Coffee is like water

We all know we SHOULD drink water throughout the day but it just isn’t the same.

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It’s a very real possibility and let’s not test it.

Coffee: the drink that makes everyone nicer. Some teachers are magical unicorns that can go into a room of 30 students all having different conversations of various noise levels and be ok, others use caffeine.

Bless you beautiful soul who made it

When you’re tired and on your 10 minute must pee/eat/check mail break and a glorious soul who is a gift from god has fresh coffee in the lounge.

When That First Cup Of Coffee Touches Your Soul - Coffee Meme
Everything is right with the world

In coffee we pray. May our cup be bold and strong to lift the spirits of our grouchy soul.

This is fine, right?

Starts rationalizing every reason why it’s ok to just keep drinking coffee instead of water. Coffee is made is water so it’s like the same, right?

Must. Keep. Going.

Thank you magical elixir that gives us life. Education wouldn’t be the same without you. Here’s to coffee!

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