Ask These Three Questions To Your Students Every Week

“You’re the best teacher I’ve every had.” If you’ve ever heard those words you know it feels like your Adele and you’ve just accepted 18 Grammys in a row.

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This is Adele at the Grammys. This is your insides when the best teacher compliment comes out.

When I was a new teacher I would wonder why are so many of my students saying this? I’m really not that great, I barely feel like I know what I’m doing. I was obviously doing something correct but what was it? Finally I asked one of my students and this simple statement is what they said, “because you listen to us.”

BOOM, mind blown. It was that easy. I was not some magical unicorn, my students taught me to be a good teacher. I would listen to them, do more of what they liked and stop doing what they disliked. I’d work with them to create win/win opportunities so everyone was happy.

Over the years I’ve compiled a feedback form that can be used in any subject, really any area of your life. It’s a simple google form (can be printed or made pdf fillable as well) I give out every week. Here are the three questions.

1. What things would you like me to keep doing?

2. What things would you like me to stop doing?

3. What would you like me to start doing?

I give this feedback form out each week on Friday, read the responses over the weekend and implement changes for the future. I make small tweaks each week depending on the feedback. Of course you will get the responses “let us watch movies all day,” or “we should have a party every class.” You will get those in the beginning and then the really good stuff will come.

Here is what my feedback form looks like.

A screenshot of what students will see as they fill in their answers

Try It!

Here is the link to my google form I use. You will be asked to make a copy right away so you can make your own edits as you see fit. I recommend you send it to your students digitally because google will store responses all in one place and you won’t have to look at each form individually. If you do not have this capability you can edit then print the form, make copies and use it for your in person class.

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