Create Digital Notebooks and Worksheets In Seconds For Free

With everything going on it’s good to have a physical plan and a digital plan. It does not take twice as long, on the contrary if you already have physical notebook pages or physical worksheets you can create digital versions in seconds. You can then send these digital notebooks or worksheets to your students and have them digitally complete them and send them back to you. Voila completely paperless! Welcome to the future, they promised us flying cars but this will have to do.

Watch the video or follow the text instructions. Choose your own adventure.

1. Scan all your physical worksheets into your computer

This will take you the longest but if you have access to children it’s a good task for them. I usually teach my two kids how to do easy tasks like this then pay them or make ice cream bargains.


Go to and upload your worksheets. Use the online version on the left.

What you’ll see when you open Choose the option on the left.

3. Choose upload pdf

Since you’ve already scanned your pdfs into your computer or already have them in digital format pick the upload option.

Choose the upload pdf to pdfescape option

4. Create Form Fields

Anywhere you would like your student to answer create a form field. This is located on the top left. Create boxes where the answer field will be. This is where the student will be able to type in their answer. You can create text boxes, drop downs, check lists and other cool stuff. I highly suggest playing around with it.

Create form fields for all answer spaces
All green boxes are now digital answer spaces for students

5. Save and Assign to Students

And that’s it you’re done. There is a save and download option on the left toolbar, click that and you have a digital worksheet. This whole operation takes about 60 seconds. Now attach this as an assignment in google classroom and you’ve just assigned your first digital worksheet or notebook to students. The future is awesome!

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