Why Are Kids Bored With Math?

Ok class today we are going to learn about this algorithm that can be done with a calculator but I’m not going to let you use one. I’m going to demonstrate this algorithm on the board until you can do the algorithm yourself. Then I’m going to give you a worksheet with 30 problems so you will be busy until the bell rings.

Unfortunately this is the way of many math classrooms today. Teacher shows new algorithm and students memorize algorithm just long enough so they can get a good grade on their test then they forget it. All of which could’ve been done on a calculator which we all now carry around in our pockets. It’s no wonder why so many students claim they hate math, I would too.

The point of teaching mathematics is to teach students how to think creatively and to learn the language which our universe is modeled by not to make process robots. That’s why we created computers, they use algorithms.

Students who can think creatively and outside the box thrive in whatever field they enter. We need to create more creative free thinkers and less algorithm copy cats. Society would benefit and students would be more engaged. We may even see a rise in math confidence.

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