Inverse Functions As Told By Missy Elliot

“Put that thing down flip it and reverse it.”  Wise words from a seemingly secret mathematician.  Yes in a nutshell, or Missy Elliot lyric, inverse functions are exactly that.  Replace thing with function and you’re basically there.

Think about going to Target and accidentally spending over $100, everyone does it.  After you’re done looking into the eye you think “crap how did I just spend all that money?”  As you retrace your steps through your trip where you let Target tell you what to buy you are essentially constructing an inverse function of your trip.

Regular function A —-> B

Inverse function B —-> A

There is of course more complication to it when you are actually trying to construct inverse functions, 1 to 1 becomes involved as well, but that is kind of it.  So in the wise words of my new favorite mathematician if you are tying to find the inverse then “put that thing down flip it and reverse it.”

Watch the video!


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