How To Record Video Lessons For Free

Given the state of things recently I thought I’d share how I record my video lessons.  I do this all for free.  To set up everything it may take about an hour but after you do the initial work everything is easy.

What you need:

  • A youtube account
  • A google classroom
  • A camera ( cell phone, laptop or webcam)
  • A wireless microphone (totally optional but I like the sound quality)
  • A writing tablet ( Optional. I use a Wacom tablet but a laptop with a touch screen will work)
  • Screen-cast-o-matic account

How to:

  1. Using the screen cast software which is free for up to 15 minutes, record your lesson.  I use a combination of google slides with my writing table to do math demonstrations.  Get creative.  The more fun the lesson the better.screeencast
  2. Screen cast has an option once you are done to upload your video to your youtube channel.  Add your description and upload.  This takes about 15 minutes.sceencast to youtube
  3. Once your video has been posted to your youtube channel, make sure it’s public, then copy your link to your google classroom.  I usually do this by making new material and posting the video there.  Students can view these videos with any device because its google classroom
  4. Repeat and before you know it you will have your entire course online!

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