It’s more dangerous to walk drunk than to drive and other random stats from Super Freakonomics

Here are 10 random facts from the book Super Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.

Each year more than 1,000 drunk pedestrians die in traffic accidents.  A drunk walker is eight times more likely to get killed than a drunk driver.  giphy

This is mostly because drunk pedestrians do stupid things like make mad dashes across busy highways.

2.  At the turn of the twentieth century, some 200,000 horses lived and worked in New York City, or 1 for every 17 people.  The average horse produced about 24 pounds of manure a day.  With 200,000 horses that’s nearly 5 million pounds of horse manure a day.


The manure got so bad the automobile was invented shortly after as “eco-friendly” alternative transportation.

3. Between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries, as many as 1 million European women, most of them poor and many of them widowed, were executed for witchcraft, taking the blame for bad weather that killed crops.giphy1

Women just get blamed for everything.

4. For American women twenty-five and older who hold at least a bachelor’s degree and work full-time, the national median income is about $47,000.  Similar men, meanwhile, make more than $66,000 a premium of 40%.giphy2

So women got burned at the stake and for retribution we are going to pay them less.

5. At least 20 percent of American men born between 1933 and 1942 had their first sexual intercourse with a prostitute.


Hopefully they did not burn them at the stake afterwards and paid them an equal wage.

6. Babies that are in utero during Ramadan are more likely to exhibit developmental aftereffects.


Ramadan requires women to fast during daylight, this is what leads to the developmental aftereffects.

7.  In Brittish National Soccer Leagues half of the players are born between January and March, with the other half spread out over the nine remaining months.


This has to do with the cut-off date for youth leagues.  The older bigger boys had the advantage who were born just after the cut off date.

8. A U.S. born boy is roughly 50 percent more likely to become a professional baseball player if he is born in August instead of July.


This also has to do with youth league cut-off dates but it’s the American version.

9. The probability that an average American will die in a given year from a terrorist attack is roughly 1 in 5 million: he is 575 times more likely to commit suicide.


And yet all of our money and resources went to the war on terror.

10. The total time it takes people in the United States to remove their shoes at the airport in one year is 560 million minutes, this is equivalent to 14 lifetimes.


Even though the man who brought a shoe bomb on a plane never detonated it, he is still causing us a giant pain in the ass.

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